Hashtag Marbelle Becomes Hunted by Twitter Users, Who is Marbelle Twitter?

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Marbelle conveys an energy development that both worshipers and doubters regard as fanatical. Marbelle again posted on Twitter against Francia Marquez and told him Judas.

Marbelle, who has been very dynamic on Twitter lately, has come under a lot of criticism this week for loosely implying Francia M Multinquez, whom she has repeatedly called “Ruler Kong”.

After the squabbles that arose in informal communities, this Wednesday’s social leader addressed the harassment he received from a well-known music artist and exhibited at the week and time of discussion to the detriment of prejudice, so we must make solid efforts to mitigate this problem.

Hashtag Marbelle Becomes Hunted by Twitter Users

“Prejudice is destroying our humanity. Prejudice is something that destroys, destroys bigotry not only the responsibility of a racist society, it is created by the whole society,” the extremist said at first.

Adriana Luc Subjosa admits the hug of Francia M Multinquez which Marbelle refused
Then equation VP Gustavo Petro sent a direct message to Marbelle: “I sent her the hug, the family hug my grandmother showed her, so she healed and we worked from differences. Bigotry also hurts the people who express it.”

Faced with this statement, the supposed techno-rail ruler did not remain silent and refused the invitation of Francia M Multinquez, who is currently considered one of the main women in public politics.

The artist, along these lines, uses the latter to remind environmental activists that he does not believe his “hypocritical” words and speeches. Moreover, he compared him to Judas Iscariot.

“I returned his tribal hug to save him. You didn’t give me any reassurance, nor did you greet me in any sense,” the famous music artist wrote on his own twitter account.

Finally, Marbelle calls attention to a similar interpersonal organization: “don’t come to me with the cheesy speeches they need to outwit the individual Francia M Svetlquez. They offer me a Judas hug.”

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