Here Is Video Thai Actress Nida Patcharaveerapong Cause of Death and What Really Happened?

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The body of Thai actress Nida Patcharaveerapong was found floating in the Chao Phraya River on Saturday afternoon (February 26). he is 37 years old Thai news paper The Bangkok Post said he fell from a speedboat on a river cruise on Thursday night. He was not wearing a life jacket at the time.
She was searched after she disappeared in the river, and her brother was the one who found her body. It lies approximately one kilometer from the crash site, near the Rama VII Bridge in Nonthaburi province, northwest of Bangkok.
Local police are still investigating the cause of death. However, they said the speedboat driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

Who is Nida Patcharaveerapong

The other five people on board in the fall – including the personal manager of Patcharaveerapong – made a report to local police for questioning.
The actress’ mother, Panida Sirayutthayothin, said her daughter’s death was unlikely to have been an accident.
“Someone might be upset that Tangmo is there,” he said, using the name Patcharaveerapong among fans.
Patcharaveerapong posted his last post on Instagram before he fell on Thursday — he has 1.5 million followers.
“The sun is up again,” he wrote in the caption of the post, which included footage of him enjoying the sand in Phuket.
Patcharaveerapong has been active in the Thai entertainment industry for almost 20 years, first appearing in a beauty pageant as a model. She most recently starred in the TV series “Falling Leaves” (2019).

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