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ISAIAH RASHAD RECEIVES OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT AFTER ALLEGED SEX TAPE WITH OTHER MEN – Moral support for Isaiah Rashad,It’s 2022 and today is a very busy week for rappers and leaked sex tapes. First, Nelly apologized to her IG followers for “accidentally” transferring a video of herself getting some sloppy toppy. (However, based on the comments, most of his female fans feel sorry for the youngster). Recently, rapper Lil Fizz was made fun of for his “vaginal fungus” after someone shared trash photos of B2K artists from his OnlyFans account.
Today, Top Dawg Entertainment lyricist Isaiah Rashad suffered the same fate two days ago when his threesome video hit social media, also with the exception of his encounter with two other people. The Tennessee rapper has long been tight-lipped regarding his sexuality or wholehearted associations of any kind. Furthermore, given Hip-Hop’s usual feuds with all things gay, the assumption is that Rashad will get the heat from his peers, lose a ton of fans for now, and be harassed into obscurity.

Moral support for Isaiah Rashad

Instead, various rappers immediately came out and defended Rashad, both for unwittingly falling victim to a hole and for his privilege to honor whoever he wanted.
Despite the fact that Rashad hasn’t left any comments yet, his fans are also sending a lot of love and support. His directness when discussing his personal demons and musical vulnerabilities mobilizes the individual around 30 years old and the father of two.
“God won’t save you,” he said truthfully at a meeting with FADER last year to advance his collection The House is Burning. “Overall, he can. Because I believe in God. But God alone won’t save you. The world is on fire. The water is dirty, there’s so much CO2 that fills the ozone. But when you take it to a mini level… when your house is on fire, do you would you say you’re going to that bitch to get some personal stuff, or would you say you’re just going to believe in yourself and in God that you’ll have the option of coming back?”
We stand with you, Isaiah, and we are here to bounce back!

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