Link Full Namhla Video Viral Being Beaten Goes Viral On Twitter Leaked

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Link Namhla Video Being Beaten Twitter

Video link Namhla beats Twitter Video with the violent attack on Namhla Mtwa and the shooting in his car went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

Mtwy’s death at the age of 35 has rekindled the psyche of South Africa through gender-based violence.

“We provide important information to anyone that can improve the work of the investigation team and lead to the arrest of the suspect, so that we can share it with the chief investigator,” Mene added.

Eastern Cape Prime Minister Oscar Mabuyane has ordered police to investigate gender-based violence and the deaths of women in connection with the Mtwa killings, as there is a possibility the vogh video was attacked.

Similarly, EFF Eastern Cape plans to march to the Mthatha Central Police Bureau on Wednesday to respond to Mtw’s killing.

Namhla Mtwa’s Beating Video Goes Viral on Facebook and Twitter

The footage of the Namhla Mtwa attack has gone viral. The video has been shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mtwa was tied up and harassed by his girlfriend on namhla beat video twitter and namhla mtwa facebook.

The controversial video went viral and South Africans were upset to see the disgusting material.

Namhla is shown naked in bed while her evil longtime lover, Bhekezulu Tents, continues to beat her with what appears to be a belt in a viral video. From another perspective, it looks like a long black power cord.

According to the screenshot, Mtwa begs him to reassure him and heal his alleged injury, but he threatens to harm her.

He said he meant he could no longer drive due to an injury and had to see a doctor. The photos also show a lengthy statement by Mtwa, which apologized for its disappointment.

What happened to Namhla Mtwa?

Those who are learning for the first time may be interested in what is going on at Namhla Mtwa. Mtwa, or Tambo, a 35-year-old city worker, was shot nine times in his car on April 21 after arriving at a house in Mthatha, Sidwadwa.

He was found dead at the scene, his girlfriend Namhla Mtwa with a gunshot wound to the upper body. No cases were filed in the case of the incident.

According to News24, after Singw Namhl’s family had access to their smartphones and discovered the gruesome texts they sent, police finally turned their attention to Bhekizula, a friend of his 41-year-old businessman. Mfesane Bhekizulu, a friend of Mtwa, was not arrested on suspicion of murder. Further investigation and inability of the police to identify the killer of namhla mtwa facebook.

On Saturday, Mene admitted that police had started looking for Twitter creator Namhl Video Beaten.

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