SEE: Harriet Robson Viral Video Accuses Mason Greenwood Of Beating

SEE: Harriet Robson Viral Video Accuses Mason Greenwood Of Beating – Nowadays, Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood is standing out enough to be noticed from numerous individuals across the globe. News headlines are covering shocking data about the footballer Mason Greenwood. If you don’t realize then let us first let you know that he has a girlfriend named Harriet Robson.
Recently Harriet Robson shared some pictures on social media wherein she should be visible harmed seriously. She has accused the footballer Mason Greenwood of being the reason for her injuries. As indicated by Harriet Robson, she has been a casualty of physical viciousness and sexual assault by her boyfriend Mason Greenwood.
The pictures and the videos shared by her on social media are swirling around the Internet. Individuals are shocked in the wake of seeing her awful condition. Fans are standing firm for Harriet Robson and supporting her on this case. To know more read the article till the end.

All About the Case

Recently the girlfriend of 20-year-old Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood has accused him of doing physical viciousness with her. She has also guaranteed that he endeavored sexual assault on her and furthermore shown some pictures of her bruises on social media. According to sources, Harriet Robson Shared the pictures and videos, alongside the sound bite of the episode that occurred with her on Instagram.
In one video, she has been spotted with draining lips. She shared the pictures of bruises on her body, alongside the inscription, “to every individual who wants to know how Mason Greenwood actually treats me”. She used the Instagram story component to show Mason Greenwood’s conduct towards her.

All the stuff shared by Harriet Robson on her Instagram account became a web sensation and gotten lots of reactions from the netizens on her post. All of the Harriet fans supported her subsequent to watching her physical injuries on social media. Individuals are denouncing the footballer for his activity towards his girlfriend.
The sound bite shared by Harriet Robson on social media obviously proves that Mason Greenwood used to compel Harriet to get cozy with him. This large number of allegations by Harriet on the footballer are exceptionally shocking for individuals. The football fraternity is also shocked by seeing Mason Greenwood’s conduct.

Harriet Robson on Instagram

SEE: Harriet Robson Viral Video Accuses Mason Greenwood Of Beating
Harriet Robson is a 21-year-old social media star and a British model. According to sources, she was brought into the world on twelfth February 2021 in Yorkshire, England. She has an enormous fan following on social media with 716K followers on her authority Instagram account. She is prevalently knowns as the girlfriend of Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood.

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