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Sesame Place Video Viral On Internet – The mother who posted a video showing a costumed person seeming to overlook two Black children during a procession at Sesame Place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, says the theme park’s clarification of the occurrence as a “misunderstanding” is sufficiently not.

Jodi Brown and her lawyer let CNN on Tuesday know that the Sesame Place character, Rosita, was purposefully racist toward her niece and little girl.

In the nine-second video shared by Brown, on Instagram, her little girl and niece are seen connecting for an embrace from the person, Rosita. In the video, Rosita is seen high-fiving others before seemingly wags her finger at a unidentified person and afterward shakes her head no at Brown’s girl and niece prior to leaving them.

Brown let CNN know that the person Rosita was strolling down the motorcade course high-fiving and embracing other children when the person purposefully disregarded her little girl and niece.

“Just after the person passed them, there was another little girl close to them who was of a different race and he embraced her. He like, embraced her with his two arms,” Brown said. “Around then I had previously stopped recording the video because when he bypassed the children and said no to them I was upset so I stopped the video because I was like ‘what just occurred?'”

The video first shared by Brown on Instagram after Saturday’s episode immediately drew shock. Sesame Place Philadelphia initially released a statement on Monday considering the episode a “misunderstanding.”

“The entertainer depicting the Rosita character has affirmed that the ‘no’ hand gesture seen several times in the video was not coordinated to a specific person, rather it was a response to different requests from someone in the group who asked Rosita to hold their child for a photograph which is not permitted. The Rosita entertainer didn’t purposefully overlook the girls and is devastated about the misunderstanding.”

When CNN followed up about what the recreation area implied by “misunderstanding,” Sesame Place Philadelphia sent CNN an “refreshed statement” that was also posted on Instagram on Monday evening, saying:

“We sincerely apologize to the family for their experience in our park on Saturday; we know that it’s not alright. We are making moves to improve. We are committed to making this right. We will direct preparation for our employees so they better understand, perceive, and convey an inclusive, equitable and engaging experience to our guests.”

“For more than 40 years Sesame Place has attempted to maintain the values of respect, inclusion and having a place. We are committed to improving at causing children and families to feel special, seen and included when they come to our parks.”

B’Ivory LaMarr, who represents the family, said the recreation area’s response is sufficiently not.

In the subtitle of the video, the mother called the occurrence “disgusting.”

“I won’t ever step foot in @sesameplace from now on !” The mother who goes by Jodiii on Instagram said.

“Furthermore, please feel free to repost this. Actually run me my cash back.”

LaMarr, emphasized he’s still investigating what occurred and checking all their available options out.

“As of now we’re requiring a veritable, authentic, expression of remorse, acknowledging the mischief that has been caused in outrageousness of the actions and to do well, to offer to set things right with the harm that has been caused to these two little kids,” LaMarr said.

As indicated by Brown, she showed the video of the episode to a representative close to the recreation area’s exit but was informed there wasn’t a supervisor at the recreation area she could speak to.

“My little girl was just sad. She asked ‘Mother how did I respond? What occurred’ and I said you sat idle. Some individuals are just mean individuals, ” Brown said.

Sesame Workshop, which licenses the theme park also released a statement Monday late evening saying:

“Sesame Workshop is mindful of the new episode at Sesame Place Philadelphia, which we view exceptionally in a serious way. What these children experienced is inadmissible.”

Sesame Workshop added, “We have been in touch with Sesame Place, our licensed park partner, and they have assured us that they will direct bias preparation and a careful survey of the ways in which they draw in with families and guests.”

Brown and LaMaar are wanting to have a news meeting Wednesday with more details.

Kelly Rowland and others respond

The video has circulated around the web and drew shock, including from Destiny’s Child’s singer Kelly Rowland, close to the difference in treatment.

Rowland reshared the video posted by the mother on her Instagram story, writing that the occurrence made her frantic.

“So had that been me, that entire procession would’ve been in flames,” Rowland said in her Instagram story video. “Is it true or not that you are serious? You won’t speak to my child? What’s more, did you see that endearing face’s toward the end? The little one with the pink on? She deserves a clarification!”

On the web, other entertainers, activists and social media users expressed outrage toward the episode at the theme park.

Raymond Santana, activist and one of the five members of the Exonerated Five, reposted a video of the occurrence on his Instagram alongside Rowland’s critique, writing “Please accept my apologies but this park won’t ever get my money…being a #girldad. I definitely took this personal.”

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