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Viral Couple Video Having Sx In Jacuzzi In Hong Kong Hotel, Video Goes Viral – A shocked Hong Kong inn guest taped videos of a couple getting cozy in a confidential hot tub in the facilities with the jacuzzi video viral on Reddit

Two videos of couples engaging in sexual relations in outdoors in a jacuzzi are making rounds on the web.

The video is shot in an inn in Hong Kong. The person who recorded the videos was a guest in the Hotel. He didn’t anticipate seeing this view under the gallery of his room and shot the couple in the jacuzzi through an overhang railing hole.

Couple Recorded Having Sex In Jacuzzi In Hong Kong Hotel, Video Goes Viral On Reddit

The 35-second-long video was shared on numerous occasions on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The anonymous recorder said, “I didn’t anticipate seeing individuals doing this when I stood on my gallery.”

In the first clasp, a lady is seen sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi and eating a bowl of noodles as her partner performs a sexual follow up on her in her outside jacuzzi. The couple is however unidentified.

In the second video, the video focused on a couple in a personal scene in an enclosed jacuzzi. The lady is seen half-dressed as her partner hugs her from the back.

The videos are accepted to be from the North Point Hotel in Hong Kong which offers rooms with a private jacuzzi on the gallery.

The videos have raised numerous security concerns among inn visitors. Social media users have also called out the video recorder for shooting the couples in a cozy situation.”Have you thought about the damage you’ll bring to those included,” thought of one person.

The design of the inn gallery is being questioned. The overhang railing is made of glass, compromising the protection of guests on the lower floors.

Hong Kong legal advisor Albert Luk Wai-hung remarked that sex being visible to people in general is unlawful in Hong Kong. This puts the couples engaged with a difficult situation.

According to the law against publishing obscene articles under Section 21 of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, every one of them can be held responsible for a fine of 2,000 yuan, or $298, and half year imprisonment.

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